Blue Notes

Blue Notes - Shira Anthony Blue Notes was a wonderfully engaging book! I was pulled into the story immediately and was thoroughly engrossed.

I adored Jason and Jules. At the same time, I wanted to knock their heads together and cuddle them. They were both nicely well-rounded, both sympathetic and yet at times were stubborn enough to make me want to whack them over the head with Jules's violin (Not that I would ever harm such a lovely instrument, mind you!).

The setting of Paris was lovely and I found myself feeling like I was strolling the streets, smelling the bakery or feeling the cool air.

The story as a whole drew me in and kept me reading until I realized it was 2 am on a work night! Shira is a fantastic storyteller and I can't wait to get to the rest of the Blue Notes books!

Thanks for the wonderful story, Shira!