Honour - A.F. Henley Honour was not what I expected. I had the priviledge of hearing a bit about it before it was published and so when I set out to read Honour, it was with some pre-conceived notions.

However, the novel blew those notions out of the water. I found myself angry, laughing, and exceedingly worried over quite a few things.

I found myself endeared toward Emmett withing the first few paragraphs - of the second chapter, anyway. I love how he was with the boy and his insistence on taking care of and protecting him. It made me all kinds of warm and fuzzy.

Henley most definitely has a way with characters and I was very glad to spend a few hours with them. His sex is very hot, his plots intricate and his description and prose, beautiful.

His books and stories are always worth the time and money to pick up. Do yourself a favor and read them. You won't regret it.